Inside a dressing room full of tricks and illusions, you learn the fate of Jasper The Great. He once saw The MacGuffin Machine as an ally, helping create ‘The Ultimate Stage Illusion’, but The MacGuffin Machine tricked Jasper and transported him to another dimension. The MacGuffin Machine will send you to a similar fate, if you do not quickly figure out Jaspers tricks and find your own portal to safety.

From £18 per person


Did you know we have two identical magician rooms where you and your friends can race against each other? Try our Head To Head Experience here or book the Magician separately below.

Also, don’t forget to check both Magician rooms below (room 1 and 2). If the slot you want is taken in one of the rooms, it may be available in the other. Also, single teams can look for slots that are taken in just one room and book the other room to create a head to head experience.