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MacGuffin Story

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In an age of top hats and petticoats, The MacGuffin Carnival was a grand and glorious spectacle, conducted by the ‘Marvellous Mr. Marlon MacGuffin’. A great entertainer whose bellowing voice would command and captivated his audiences. Marlon dedicated his life to the carnival, continuing the traditions of his forefathers, bringing great success and fortune.

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Marlon had a single son and heir, Morfran, but unlike his father Morfran shied away from the crowds, instead preferring the company of books. As Morfran grew older he would read of steam power and mechanisation; certain this was the future. But Marlon was stubborn and refused to believe that an age of change was fast approaching, refusing to embrace these new wonders despite the carnivals dwindling numbers.

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Morfran, determined to prove himself to his aging father, began work on a project of epic proportions. He focused his energy on creating huge steam powered attractions, the carousel, a fearsome steam-driven ghost train and swinging mechanical yachts that he was sure would bring the crowds back and restore The MacGuffin Carnival to it’s former glory. But as he worked tirelessly, his disapproving father was crumbling to dust along with his Carnival.

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Eventually Marlon was laid to rest, leaving Morfran both heartbroken and terrified that the ringmasters hat was now his, so he set to work immediately on his greatest project yet. A human-like automaton that would be all powerful. It would recapture the crowds, be the man Morfran failed to be and the son Marlon always wanted. However, a machine of such staggering complexity would require power of equally staggering magnitude.

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Finally, the great storm of 1865 provided a weak and exhausted Morfran with the solution. He connected his machine to the carnival mast and watched as 15 million volts channelled into the machine. For the briefest moment Morfran saw the machine’s eyes light up before, ‘BANG’, a surge of electricity launched him across the room.

The next 150 years of The MacGuffin Carnival remains a mystery, but the gates are finally opened once more…

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